This is a list of ideas I have that I will never be able to get around to actioning whether it be because of lack of funds, time or commitment. I call it the Sparklist because I’m hoping that by sharing these ideas with you, they will spark your interest, creativity, innovation and motivate you to do something, anything, just do it.

Categories: Humans

A ball throwing stick with adjustable claws

Those of us with dogs that obsess over balls and fetching know that some balls last longer than others…but not all balls are created equal, in terms of size, among other things. So we need a ball throwing stick that has adjustable claws on the end that allow us to pick up any sized ball (within reason).

Categories: Sports

Tracking of all the essentials

Wallet, phone, keys and everything in between can be tracked by any other one of these items via sonic and / or global positioning system signals that pinpoint the whereabouts. I’m thinking an app for the phone perhaps a simple keyring display for the keys…all of which provide an interface that tells you where you’ve left any of the items you tag (with a sticker chip).

Categories: Technology

Digital footprints and handprints on a tablet

Families make digital keepsakes of their children’s footprints and handprints simply by placing feet and hands on the screen of a tablet which are then stored securely along with photos and other memories and can printed or shared with family and friends.

Categories: Humans

Legal templates for startups

An easy and clean UI and UX that allows startups and founders input their details into legal templates like company documents, shareholders agreements, nondisclosure agreements etc which will shave off a considerable amount of lawyers costs in starting from scratch.

Categories: Legal